The new Cat 980 and 982 Wheel Loader Series

Offering great performance in the 9- to 11-tonne wheel loader class, the new Cat 980 and 982 medium wheel loaders are up to 10% more productive and lower maintenance costs up to 12% when compared to the previous 980M, 980L and 982M  models. These new wheel loaders include an expanded technology platform to increase machine performance and improve operating efficiency.

Cat 982 Wheel Loader. Courtesy of Caterpillar

New technology – real-time actionable information

Standard Cat Payload with Assist on all 980 and 982 series loaders provides an accurate weighing of bucket payloads, so operators can load to target the first time every time. This new technology includes low-lift-weigh and manual tip-off functions. Optional Cat Advanced Payload expands the system’s functionality with Lists-Management, Multitask- & Manual-Add Modes and Tip-off assist. Compatible with third-party scale house software, it can wirelessly integrate the machine in the scale-house process with Dispatch-for-Loading (additional subscription required).

The new Cat Autodig with Auto Set Tires promotes proper loading technique to significantly reduce tire slip and loading time. It can automate the complete bucket loading cycle to deliver consistently high bucket fill factors for up to 10% more productivity.

Cat 982 Wheel Loader. Courtesy of Caterpillar

Standard along with Autodig and Auto Set Tires, the new models introduce Application-Profiles, in which the press of one button sets multiple machine parameters to optimize settings for the application at hand. Customized profiles can be created to fit customer-specific cases. Selectable on-screen Job Aids, along with a streamlined new controls layout, promotes ease of operation to help all operators be more productive.

Comfort and safety

Access to the new operator’s cab is easy thanks to its wide door, stair-like steps and grabrails for additional stability. The new adjustable suspension seat comes in Comfort, Deluxe and Premium levels that includes heated and heated/cooled options for improved year-round comfort. Seat belts are now monitored, and the system can be completed with an exterior beacon for supervisors to enhance job site safety. Taller operators will appreciate increased legroom inside the new cab, while sound suppression, seals and viscous cab mounts lower noise and vibration levels for a quiet work environment. Next generation ride control acts as a shock absorber to improve ride comfort over rough terrain.

The loaders’ new dashboard and high-resolution touchscreen display provide intuitive and user-friendly loader control for enhanced performance. The seat-mounted electrohydraulic joystick steering system provides precise control over the new Cat 980 (optional) and 982 series models with minimal arm movements to increase comfort and loading accuracy. A conventional steering wheel is also available on the 980. Automatic control of the air conditioning system keeps the cab as cool as desired.

The new loaders now feature a push-to-start system that requires a valid Operator-ID to crank the engine. Operator ID works with a passcode input on the display or with the optional Cat Bluetooth key. It can act as a machine security system with programmable operating restriction.

The floor-to-ceiling windshield improves forward visibility of the work area, while the standard rear-vision camera along with convex and spot mirrors help to enhance visibility around the machine to improve operating safety. Cat Detect radar to alert operators to hazards and a Multi-view (360-degree) vision system are available options to provide an extra level of monitoring around the loaders to advance safe operation.

Cat 982 Wheel Loader. Courtesy of Caterpillar

Significant maintenance savings

Most maintenance intervals are extended for the hydraulic system (oils and filters), reducing costs and downtime. All models offer convenient access to hydraulic & electrical service centers and grouped lube points for fast and easy servicing.

Remote services technologies on the new Cat medium wheel loaders can save service trips to the jobsite and ensure the machine operates at peak performance (requires appropriate cell network coverage). Remote Troubleshoot connects the machine to the dealer’s service department over-the-air to quickly diagnose fault codes without on-machine cable connection.

Remote Flash ensures the wheel loaders are operating with the most up-to-date software while working around the production schedule. Update files are pushed to the machine in the background and installation can be initiated from the Cat Remote Services Web Portal by the customer in a safe manner, reducing impact on production schedules. Helping to manage fleet loader location, hours and maintenance schedules, the web portal connects fleet managers to the machine and allows dealer service requests to be made from a mobile device.

Cat 982 Wheel Loader. Courtesy of Caterpillar

Work tools

Cat Performance Series buckets balance bucket shape against the machine’s linkage for higher fill factors and better material retention that other bucket designs with the same rated capacity. Cat Work tools are an integral part of the complete machine design and are a significant contributor to the performance and efficiency of Cat wheel loaders.

The new Cat 980 can be equipped with the optional Fusion Quick Coupler, which delivers quick bucket changes without leaving the cab. Contractors can also choose from several purpose-built special configurations to optimize loader performance and durability in tough applications, including Industrial & Waste, Forestry, Steel-mill, and Block-handler.

Cat 982 Wheel Loader. Courtesy of Caterpillar

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