[Job Story] Hastings Deering supports North Coast Customers with Cat Hose Facility

With the Bruce Highway Upgrade program being the largest road infrastructure program in Queensland, there was an increase in demand in the region from construction customers for product support to maintain machinery uptime.

Courtesy of Hastings Deering

Machine utilization is critical for contractors when working on large projects, Adam Holmnas, owner at Active Diesel Services said that using genuine Cat parts in his customers machines is essential to his business. He said:

“The earthmoving industry requires high utilization. We only use genuine Cat Parts, Cat Lubricants, Cat Hoses to keep the utilization as high as possible and minimize downtime.”

In 2020, Hastings Deering launched a dedicated Cat hose facility at the North Coast Business centre in Caboolture to aid in producing and supplying hoses faster to the north Brisbane customers.

The 40-foot container was a custom-built assembly workshop, stocked with Caterpillar hose and couplings products. The container provides a fully functional workshop allowing a hose technician to produce custom hose products quickly. Mr. Holmnas said:

“The North Coast Business facility is imperative for us. The level of utilization that these machines require, means we can’t have extended periods of downtime.”

The introduction of the North Coast Hose Facility has helped Mr. Holmnas to ensure that he is fitting the right parts, faster for his customers.

“[the facility] in the last 12 months, has given me the opportunity to use more Cat Hoses because they’re readily available, and the turnaround time is under 2 hours.”

With decades of experience, manufacturing excellence, and rigorous testing, Cat Hose and couplings solutions are designed for all equipment and applications.

Courtesy of Hastings Deering

The onsite hose facility provides a range of high, medium, and low pressures to suit any make and model of machinery.

“We can fit more Cat Hoses rather than aftermarket hoses, which obviously benefits the customer with the warranty and getting the machine up and running faster.”


“The benefit of Cat Hoses is that they can be ordered directly off a part number.”


“I don’t have to take the hose into someone and wait around for it to get made, it’s a simple phone call, I provide a part number, I pick the hose up and I know it fits.”


“We only use Cat hoses, they fit first time, every time.”

Courtesy of Hastings Deering

Source: Hastings Deering

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