Light Shed on Simex Screening Buckets Designed To Work on Different Materials

Simex screening buckets are designed for separating different-sized materials directly on-site, Simex screening buckets are available in 4 models for excavators from 8 to 45 tons.

Simex screening buckets are equipped with two exclusive patents which contribute to making them even more unique. SE product range features the rapid adjustment of output size, via an instant control in the cabin: this exclusive patent allows the shafts to be instantly distanced and closened, with a maximum travel of 40 mm. It guarantees speed of execution, versatility – being able to work on different materials – and considerable time-saving.

With a simple control in the cab, thanks to the instant variation of output size, the operator finally gets 3 different aggregates: a fine size of 0-15 mm, a medium-size between 15 and 55 mm, and coarse aggregates greater than 55 mm. This is really important when the fragment size does matter.

Each element is composed of 5 independent parts, designed to perfectly interlock with each other, with no weldings. They are easily replaceable without difficult operations and without the need for shafts unstrapping: this means up to 75% fewer maintenance costs since it is possible to replace even just one single disc or blade.

The system allows multiple configurations depending on the materials to be screened. Simex provides the users with 3 different set-ups, but many others are possible thanks to screening elements that are 100% interchangeable.

The adjustable output size controlled directly from the cabin, combined with the new FIT screening tools configuration system allows the operator to separate different sized materials with no downtime, with fewer maintenance costs, and enhanced performance in many application fields.

Soil remediation from stones, debris and other materials

Simex is an extremely versatile equipment for soil remediation from stones, gravel and other materials. In fact, thanks to the rapid adjustment of the output size, the operator is able to get 3 different granulometries with the same bucket: a fine size of 0-15 mm for landscaping, a medium-size between 15 and 55 mm, and coarse aggregates greater than 55 mm to be reused directly on-site.

Demolition waste selection

In presence of waste material resulting from demolition or construction, VSE buckets find their common destination of use, producing a recycled material used as stabilized aggregate in construction job sites or for roads bases.

Landscaping, gardening, horticulture

Simex screening buckets allow screening, reducing and aerating, with a single bucket, vegetal waste, and topsoil to accelerate the composting phase or to deliver to disposal plants a previously treated material, facilitating processes and reducing costs. The output material of a VSE is also suitable for subsequent resale in horticultural, agricultural and landscaping fields. In fact, even in presence of dry, damp, or muddy soil, the mobile shaft technology prevents the material from getting stuck between the screening tools.

Bedding and backfilling trenches

When filling and covering underground pipes, especially in the Oil & Gas sector, the rapid size variation of the VSE buckets for excavators brings considerable benefits by optimizing time and costs. Thanks to the Simex patent, different sizes can be obtained instantly, both for the bedding and for the subsequent filling of the excavation.'
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