Hastings Deering Celebrates 5000 CAT Rental Machines Introducing First 980 Wheel Loader 

First in territory Cat 980 Wheel Loader rolls in as the 5000th Rental Machine for Hastings Deering. Hastings Deering prides itself on maximizing their Rental fleet with world class, late model, low hour machines to meet customer demand for the latest technology, efficiencies, and performance.

Courtesy of Caterpillar

The introduction of their 5000th rental machine was no exception, bringing in the first Cat Next Generation 980 Wheel loader into territory.

“It was important to prioritize tech-enabled, connected assets when updating the equipment to maintain their industry leading edge. We optimize our fleet to make sure that we are always offering a diverse range of late model high-performing products aligned to the needs of the construction and resource industries”,

Peter Papastergos, Manager Rental & Used Equipment at Hastings Deering, said.

The decision to bring in the Next Generation Wheel Loader was a strategic play to meet the high demand for that class in the industry.

“A broad range of our customers rely on wheel loaders of that type and class, and for us to be able to combine a new product offering with the milestone of our 5000th machine, was a strategic move. We’re always looking for opportunity to grow across our core product offerings, particularly those that offer the latest technology to ensure safer machine operations and industry leading productivity. Currently demonstrating the benefits of the machine to our customers, the demos are highlighting the improved productivity and efficiency benefits for the customers and simple-to-use technologies as standard.”

he said.

“We’ve received great feedback from customers on the 360 vision and Cat Detect Radar. These features enhance operator awareness that helps them to monitor the working environment and provide alerts to hazards.”

he continued.

One of the most talked about features included in the Next Generation 980 Wheel Loader, is the Cat Autodig with Auto Set Tires offering.

With the technology now able to automate the complete bucket cycle load, operators can consistently deliver high bucket fill with up to 10% more productivity.

This feature promotes proper load technique to reduce load time and tyre slippage, helping to reduce operating costs including fuel burn.

“Our customers are aware of how the new Cat technologies can help their applications with reducing operating costs and increased productivity, our strategy of rolling new machines into the Rental fleet continuously each month and replacing with the latest models within 3 years or so, ensures that we are making these advancements accessible. With most of our machines entering into long-term rental opportunities, the added benefit of the extended 1000-hour service intervals, means that our customers are minimizing their down-time and getting the most out of the machines.”

said Mr. Papastergos.

“Backed by the strongest OEM and dealer footprint in our territory, our customers can be confident in knowing that the product support services we offer, will keep them on track to deliver on their projects,”

he concluded.


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