Hiab Launches Three New Loader Cranes: Lower Fuel Consumption and Advanced Operating System

Hiab, part of Cargotec, launches three new EFFER heavy loader cranes with lower fuel consumption and the new advanced operating system SPACEevo to improve productivity and safer operation.

The three new models, EFFER iQ.1200 HP, 110 tonne metre ™, EFFER iX.550 HP, 51 tm, and EFFER iX.355 HP, 32.1 tm, are available to order from EFFER dealers globally.

“We are proud to introduce three new EFFER loader cranes that widen the choice of lifting capacities available to our customers. The new operating system SPACEevo ensures that the cranes have “best in class” performance and safety features.The new cranes also help our customers to lower their emissions by weight reduction and reducing the energy consumption. Overall lower vehicle weight leads to more net payload for the customer.”

says Marcel Boxem, Director, Global Product Management, Loader Cranes Heavy & Super Heavy, Hiab. 

The EFFER iQ.1200 HP model is a 110 tm range crane with a compact design similar to 90tm models. This allows for a good payload on such a long and strong crane and provides an optimised balance between outreach, versatility and transport capability.

The cranes are controlled by the new control system SPACEevo that enables them to be operated precisely even at high speeds. It also offers advanced safety and productivity features like VSL+ that can maximise the lifting capacity by calculating the stability according to the position of the stabiliser legs and the total weight of the truck.

SPACEevo is an open and modular platform that allows customers to add or enhance their cranes with more functions over time as they become available, keeping their equipment up to date and evolving according to business needs.

The standard XS Drive remote control can be substituted with the new optional CombiDrive 4 remote control, which enhances the crane operation with new safety features such as Confirm View to find the best field of view, three high definition and bright colour displays and a long-lasting battery with single-user operator personalisation settings.

The new models will also be offered in non-CE versions, equipped with the control system Space X4 and the optional CombiDrive 3 remote control.

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