A Closer Look into SANY Mini Excavator Range

Mini Excavators are an important and high-demand machine category in Australia. These small yet powerful machines are a true ‘must-have’ piece of equipment for a lot of building and construction contractors due to the sheer number of tasks they can tackle. The SANY Australia Mini Excavators range is an impressive fleet ticking all the boxes including high-quality build, extensive features, excellent durability and significant value to their owner.

SANY Australia has a full range of Mini Excavator options with 3 models spanning from 1.7T – 3.8T. Each model is versatile, compact and packed with power. These multipurpose machines are perfect for a range of trades and applications delivering across a broad range of disciplines.

Allow us to ‘dig into’ each of the models in our range to showcase their key features …

SANY SY16C – 1.7T EXCAVATOR                                                                              The SY16C is a stand out machine given its very attainable starting price for those entering the market. Packed with features such as a battery isolator, LED lights, E-stop and hammer piping as standard and its ability to access tight areas with its adjustable track frame, the SY16C is reliable, light-weight and easy to transport.

Measuring just 980mm in width, this machine easily fits through narrow passages and competently gets into hard to access places reducing manpower and time requirements. An ideal solution for garden or landscape construction or for work directly on or in existing buildings, the SY16C will quickly become your go-to, trusted machine.

SANY SY26U – 2.6T EXCAVATOR                                                                              The SANY SY26U is small yet powerful and highly practical for working in small spaces. This compact powerhouse is the perfect tool whenever power and maneuverability are required.

Built with a powerful Yanmar T4F engine guaranteeing a reliable performance, a strong reinforced structure to improve stability and a load-sensing hydraulic system for outstanding efficiency, this machine is a true ‘all purpose’ machine within the fleet. The SY26U also comes packed with SANY PLUS Advantages including a quiet and low-vibration engine, responsive, precise control, ergonomic, comfortable seat, optimal visibility on all sides and a heater for operator comfort all year round. This machine really delivers bang for the buck and is hard to look past once you see the full list of inclusions and benefits it delivers.

SANY SY35U – 3.8T EXCAVATOR                                                                              The SY35U stands out in the crowd thanks to its versatility.  Offering countless types of applications outside of its usual operation of digging, this machine can do so much. A recent SANY customer described how much of a workhorse his SY35U is on his farm, playing a large role in bale stacking, mowing, mulching, and small forest jobs, just to name a few. With an array of attachments that quickly adapt this machine to your environment and tasks, the SY35U will be your new best mate.

Featuring the latest noise-reduction technology that ensures quiet operation, a robust and durable build, short tail-swing and exceptional power performance, we encourage you to come and take a look at this machine for yourself.

Source: Sany


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