TOBROCO-GIANT to Expand Skid Steer Family with Three New Models

Within recent years, in many industries and sectors the machine got well known and appreciated with certain nicknames like „all-rounder“, „versatile helper“ or „back protector“. Shortly, the small product family of skid steers will welcome new members: From next year on, the SK252D, the SK202D and SK212G from TOBROCO-GIANT will be available on tracks. The new version of the small powerhouse will have a remarkable higher lifting capacity and offers more stability on uneven grounds.

The small all-rounder will stay on offering every advantage it has been since years known for: the machine is compactly built, lightweight, agile and takes off easily a lot of work and transporting tasks in sectors like construction, landscaping, demolition or agriculture. This way, it relieves the already scarce staff from a lot of manual work and helps a lot of different companies to cope much better with more and more tasks and constantly growing deadline pressure. A lot of people who work with the skid steer only realize how much they use the machine, once it is not available or when another colleague is using it.

Same options for version on tracks available
The operator platform is suspended and easy to fold, which gives the driver more comfort and ensures that the machine is compact for transport. Optionally, the skids can be equipped with a soft brake, which slows the machine gradually after releasing the steering levers. In addition to this braking system, various options are available that contribute to the efficient and safe execution of work, for example by applying a hydraulic quick change. This way, changing tools can then be done easily and quickly without having to move away from the machine. For working with hydraulically driven tools (rotary mower, sweeper, hydraulic hammer, etc.) the skid steer can be equipped with a double gear pump and multiple double-acting functions.

Double lifting capacity
The skid steer loader transports heavy loads and all kinds of material, it wipes paths and courts, removes weeds and cleans out corners where other machines cannot find enough space to work. However, this multi-talent still offers some ways of further development. As always, when TOBROCO-GIANT is starting new development or optimization, this is happening because of feedback from the customers. With the skid steer, there have been many customers from the US, among them a lot of arborists, but also from European countries like Germany, the Netherlands or Belgium who communicated their need to the Netherlands manufacturer: They all need a new version of the skid on tracks who can cope better with uneven terrain and offers more stability.

This wish has been put into effect immediately by the customer-oriented manufacturer, when he developed the new model. The highlights of the new skid steer, of which prototypes are built at the moment, will be: The lifting capacity is an unbelievable 890 kg, while the machine’s own weight is only 964 kg. At the same time, with measures of 158 cm in height and 90 or 100 cm in width, the machine is still compact, agile and easy to transport.

At the moment the Netherlands company is building six machines as prototypes, which are then thoroughly tested by selected customers. With the help of their feedback, the new skid models will be optimized and then go to serial production in 2023. From this time on the customers can select, whether they need the skid on wheels or the version on tracks (which price is a bit higher), depending on which version matches better their needs and daily tasks. As well, there is an electric version of the skid on tracks on the agenda, on which the engineers of the Netherlands manufacturer are also working at the moment – to offer customers even more options.

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