Epiroc Showcases First Ever Battery-Electric Surface Drill Rig at Bauma 2022

A demonstrator of the first ever tophammer battery-electric drill rig from Epiroc, SmartROC T35 E, is being presented at Bauma. The rig is an important step in the shift towards zero emission drilling in surface mines and quarries all over the world.

Delivers enhanced environmental standards

The design of SmartROC T35 E is based on the well-proven SmartROC T35 surface drill rig. In combination with invaluable experience gained from the development of Epiroc underground battery rigs, this new rig is designed to enhance the environmental standards of quarries and larger construction sites. Besides the low emissions, this rig provides a range of smart features, and delivers high safety, reliability, and performance – in a more quiet working environment.

“We are proud to present this rig at Bauma, a product that indicates an important step in our shift to low-carbon operations within quarries and large construction applications. The fact that we are removing emissions from the drilling process is an important step towards a better environment. This accomplishment shows that Epiroc has an important role to play in making our industry more sustainable”,

says Hakan Aytekin, Vice President Marketing, Epiroc Surface division.

A flexible rig created through valuable collaborations

The SmartROC T35 E rig is equipped with both a battery and an electric cable, which improves flexibility considerably. You can choose to drill with the most suitable alternative for the location and occasion. It also allows for quick and smooth transportation in and between sites.

The surface drill rig is fitted with the same type of well-proven batteries and subcomponents as in the Epiroc underground battery solutions. This streamlines spare parts handling and service for customers with several different operations.

“SmartROC T35 E is a result of a successful collaboration between Epiroc and our customers. They have provided us with valuable input making sure we will deliver a rig with optimized performance and flexibility”,

says Ulf Gyllander, Global Product Manager tophammer drill rigs, Epiroc Surface division. 

Plays an important role connected to Epiroc´s sustainability goals for 2030

Epiroc’s battery-electric solutions are attracting strong interest from the market. Customers’ benefits include emissions-free operations, lower noise pollution and vibrations, and higher productivity. The machines play a vital role in Epiroc’s ambitious sustainability goals for 2030, which include halving the CO2 emissions in operations and from sold products. In 2021, the goals were validated by the Science Backed Targets initiative as being in line with keeping global warming at a maximum 1.5° C, consistent with the latest climate science and the goal of the Paris Climate Agreement.
We are determined to offer our full range of underground equipment in an emission-free version by 2025, and for the surface equipment we aim to offer the same by 2030.

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