Magna Tyres Introduces Three New Mining Sizes

Our range of mining and earthmoving tyres consists of tyres specially designed for machinery that needs to perform on extreme and challenging terrains. For conditions such as muddy, rocky and sandy terrains, we have several solutions. As a result, our mining and earthmoving tyres fit all kinds of machines, from wheel loaders to articulated dump trucks.

To expand our range of mining and earthmoving tyres, we have added up to 3 new sizes in recent weeks.

775/65R29 Magna M-TERRAIN+

For several years now, we have had the Magna M-TERRAIN in our range. This tyre is developed to perform on all terrains and for different machines such as wheel loaders and dump trucks. Our product and development team has added the Magna M-TERRAIN+ to the range, which is specially developed for best performance under articulated dump trucks.

The Magna M-TERRAIN+ is an E4 tyre, with a super wide tread width and high tread depth provides outstanding tyre wear. Its even area minimises vibration, resulting in improved operator comfort.

With the addition of the Magna M-TERRAIN+ to the range, we have created an additional degree. The 775/65R29 Magna M-TERRAIN+ L4 can handle up to 20,600 kg (the E4 goes up to 12,150). With this size, we have developed a solution between the 750/65R25 and the 875/65R29 and we can provide even more machinery with the right tyre.

15.5R25 Magna MA10+

The Magna MA10+ was already available in 5 different sizes.

This L5 tyre is perfect for wheel loaders, dozers and underground transport. Such machinery requires maximum traction, and the MA10+’s super-deep, open tread ensures traction in different environments. The new tyre size can carry up to 7,100 kilos.

The MA10+ is constructed from puncture-resistant rubber and has a non-directional and strong tread design to maintain the best damage resistance. We are proud to add another size to this 2-star tyre. For more information you can contact your local sales manager.

17.5R25 Magna MA08

With its extra-deep L5 design, the Magna MA08 has always been a perfect tyre for loaders. The tyre offers exceptional traction due to its massive tread blocks and aggressive, open design. Productivity will increase due to outstanding tyre wear and grip.

With the addition of the 17.5R25 Magna MA08, we can equip even more machines with this high-performance tyre. The Magna MA08 can now also be fitted to machines that can carry up to 8,500 kilos. With its protected sidewall, it provides an outstanding level of cut- and damage-resistance.'
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