Brokk Showcases Equipment Innovations at World of Concrete 2023

Brokk highlighted a variety of technologies and machines at Booth C4019 during World of Concrete on 17-19 Jan 2023, in Las Vegas, including the Brokk 70, the Brokk 900 and its new online service platform (My Brokk).

Brokk 70

The smallest electric robot in the Brokk range. At just 35 inches (880 millimeters) tall and 23.5 inches (597 millimeters) wide, the Brokk 70 fits through narrow doorways and into tight spaces, making it ideal for interior demolition applications. And with a base weight of just 1,235 pounds (560 kilograms), it can be transported on an ordinary passenger elevator, making it ideal for top-down demolition projects in urban areas.

The Brokk 70 offers superior reach and movement. The three-part arm extends to 10.5 feet (3.2 meters) vertically and 8.8 feet (2.7 meters) horizontally.

Outfitted with a BHB 105 hydraulic breaker with 159 joules of hitting power, the Brokk 70 can be equipped with advanced features, including water spray to suppress dust and air cooling for hot environments. The machine also pairs seamlessly with concrete crushers, drum cutters, grapples, scoop buckets and more.

The Brokk 70 incorporates the SmartConcept system, which ensures improved performance and uptime. SmartConcept consists of three features: SmartPower, SmartDesign and SmartRemote. SmartPower senses when the power supply is poor or faulty then compensates before damage to components occurs, allowing contractors to use the machine with generators or unreliable power sources. With 70% fewer cables, rugged components, LED headlights and easily accessible grease points and hydraulic hoses, SmartDesign extends machine life and provides unprecedented ease of maintenance. An ergonomic remote control — the SmartRemote — incorporates adjustable straps, intuitive controls and professional-grade radio technology with almost 1000 feet (300 meters) of wireless working range.

Brokk 900

The world’s largest and most powerful demolition robot. This demolition tool builds upon and improves on the success of its predecessor, taking a big step up in power and performance.

The design and engineering of the machine is reinforced, the power is increased, and the new breaker is more powerful, which means its operation is even more precise. All this comes with almost no increase in size and weight. Using Brokk SmartPower technology to improve the powertrain, the Brokk 900 delivers a 25% increase in output power. At the same time, reliability and machine uptime meets the new industry benchmark for demolition robots set by the introduction of Brokk SmartPower a few years ago.

The Brokk 900 comes with the option of two different hydraulic breakers:

  • BHB 1500: a 3,307-pound (1500 kg) breaker for the hardest materials. Paired with the hydraulic power of the Brokk 900, this delivers a phenomenal punch in each blow and is excellent for breaking hard rock.
  • BHB 1300: a slightly lighter breaker for maximum productivity in heavy concrete demolition. The higher blow frequency and more nimble size of this breaker maximize the production rate.

The Brokk 900 comes with the option of electric or diesel powertrain. The electric motor offers the lowest cost of operation and is the most environmentally friendly option. However, the new diesel engine is not far behind, meeting the toughest emissions standards that exist today. It is compliant with both the USA standard EPA Tier 4 Final and the EU Stage V standard.

Finally, serviceability has also stepped up a notch for the Brokk 900. Even though the machine weighs more than 11 tons, it is designed to be serviced by one person, with no heavy lifting needed.

My Brokk

A comprehensive online support platform that offers multiple services in a single resource. The My Brokk portal offers two new online services — a library of manuals and other technical documents along with a Webshop for ordering parts and attachments — as well as access to Brokk Connect, Brokk’s robot and fleet management system. The new portal makes it easier than ever for Brokk customers to access essential services any time of day, from any device or location.

Through My Brokk, Brokk owners have online access to equipment manuals, technical data, CE markings and diagrams for the first time. The information is available through My Brokk’s Documents module, allowing a customer to find and download accurate, up-to-date materials at any time. The documentation is available for all current Brokk models and attachments, as well as older models.

The Webshop also offers online purchasing for the first time, providing faster order processing and shortened delivery times. Users can view and order a full range of Brokk original spare parts and attachments, such as extra hydraulic breakers. Users can easily locate the correct parts for their robots and see prices listed in their local currency. The Webshop also includes parts for older Brokk models.

Brokk Connect also continues to evolve, providing real-time updates on machine run time, upcoming maintenance needs and machine location. Wi-Fi is new and optional in addition to the mobile network connection. If a robot loses connection to the mobile network, offline mode is activated. The offline mode saves machine data to be uploaded to the mobile network when the connection is reestablished.'
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