Auger Torque Announces Addition of Kinshofer Drum Cutter to its Products Portfolio

Auger Torque announces the addition of the Kinshofer Drum Cutter range to its portfolio of products. Auger Torque announces the addition of the Kinshofer Drum Cutter range to its portfolio of products. Originally a Kinshofer product, Auger Torque is excited to take over the manufacturing, development, sales and support for this attachment range globally.

This range of drum Cutters is available in nine models suitable for 2 to 60-ton excavators, featuring an exclusive pick angle and optimal chisel arrangement for high performance and minimal wear, making these attachments ideal for mining, tunnelling, road construction and demolition. The attachment’s heavy-duty sealing system enables underwater operation as deep as 25 meters for applications such as bridge repair.

This series boast being one of the quietest in the industry, making them excellent for use in areas with noise restrictions. They also produce lower vibration levels, so contractors can use them where there’s a risk of disturbing a nearby structure’s foundation.

The low decibel output and minimal vibrations of the attachments are achieved through a high-torque hydraulic motor. The motor powers the drum cutter while its gear reduction optimizes torque and cutting force. The higher torque enables the attachment to achieve greater cutting efficiency while operating at a slower speed than competitive drum cutters. The controlled speed of the attachment reduces noise and vibration as well as maximizes operator comfort. Additionally, the hydraulic motor is adjustable to match the output of an excavator’s hydraulics.

There are various drum options, depending on the application. The rock drum breaks soft to medium-hard rock in mines and quarries with its strategic chisel pattern while the profiling drum’s higher density of chisel shapes and levels of soft to medium-hard rock in tunnelling applications. The demolition drum offers reduced vibrations due to a wear-protected spiral sheet and are ideal for cutting medium-hard to hard rock as well as concrete.

Again to suit the application, there are four chisel tips that attach to the wear pick: standard, heavy-duty, wear-protected and wood. Standard chisels are excellent for breaking asphalt, argillite and other soft to medium-hard rocks while heavy-duty chisels power through medium-hard to very-hard materials such as limestone and concrete. Wear-protected chisels are ideal for abrasive rocks such as sandstone and furnace gravel. The wood chisel is designed specifically for wood applications, such as stump removal. Wear picks can be replaced in minutes, leading to greater productivity and less downtime.

Selecting the proper chisel and drum combination is key to optimizing performance and reducing attachment wear, therefore the Auger Torque team work closely with customers to understand applications and material conditions so they can recommend the best drum and chisel tip for each situation.

“The KDC drum cutters are the ideal attachment to scale rock or concrete walls, tunnel excavation, trenching in extreme grounds or loosen any hard rocky ground in the most efficient way. We believe there is a real need for this kind of attachment all around the world and we are excited to launch this new attachment to all our customers around the globe.”

said Alistair Brydon, Managing Director at Auger Torque.'
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