IVECO S-Way Heavy-Duty Truck Range Arrive on the Australian Market

The award-winning new Euro6 IVECO S-Way range has arrived in Australia, providing prospective heavy-duty truck buyers with a selection of advanced models that are designed to deliver added productivity, advanced levels of safety, superior emissions performance and lower total cost of ownership benefits.

An extremely popular seller in Europe, the IVECO S-Way increased IVECO’s heavy duty market share in that region considerably in the months following its launch. In the ANZ market the model is available in both rigid (6×2, 6×4 and 8×4 – with load share front suspension) and prime mover (4×2 and 6×4) configurations, and in three cab options, Active Day (AD), Active Time (AT) and the largest of all, Active Space (AS). Additionally, three cab height options are available across the line-up.

There’s a choice of four wheelbases for prime mover variants (3650mm, 3200mm, 3300mm and 3500mm), while the rigids offer 10 options – model dependent, these range between 3,500mm to 6050mm. GVM and GCMs for the new range span from 18,200kg to 27,600kg (GVM), and from 50,000kg to 70,000kg (GCM) for prime movers and 27,600kg (GVM) and 70,000kg (GCM) for selected rigids (13l 6×4 and 8×4 models).

This spread of options and specification choices sees the IVECO S-Way well positioned to cater for a broad array of applications including general freight and refrigeration work (including B-Double), tipper and dog duties and more specialised applications.

High-efficiency drivelines

Power for the IVECO S-Way range comes courtesy of three potent yet fuel-efficient engines, the Cursor 9, Cursor 11 and Cursor 13 – two states of tune are available for the Cursor 3 variant, providing buyers with four output choices. All powerplants meet stringent Euro6 (Step E) emission requirements – Step E places more severe limits on engine cold start performance. All engines are also fully compatible with second generation biofuels HVO/XTL (EN15940)*.

The engine range begins with the 8.7l Cursor 9 which produces 360hp from 1,530 to 2,200rpm and 1,650Nm from 1,200 to 1,530rpm. In the 11.1l Cursor 11, power jumps to 460hp from 1,500 to 1,900rpm and 2150Nm of torque from 925 to 1,500rpm.

The largest of the engine family is the 12.9l Cursor 13 which starts with output of 530hp at between 1,600 to 1,900rpm and torque of 2,400Nm from 950 to 1,500rpm. A second Cursor 13 rating sees it produce 550hp from 1,605 to 1,900rpm with torque of 2,500Nm from 1,000 to 1605rpm.

All engines use IVECO’s patented and proven HI-eSCR emission control technology. Hi-eSCR is a single after-treatment system featuring passive DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) – DPF regeneration does not require driver intervention. Other benefits of the technology are that it’s uncomplicated and efficient, providing many advantages compared to EGR and SCR equivalents, including reduced fuel consumption, a lower tare weight and there’s no requirement for additional cooling as passive DPF regeneration occurs at a lower temperature.

Coupled to the engines are IVECO’s 12 and 16-speed Hi-Tronix automated manual transmissions offering category-leading technology and best-in-class torque to weight ratio. The Hi-Tronix AMTs are direct drive units that delivers fast gear changes and also have the ability to more efficiently select the correct ratio for the road and load conditions at hand.

Fuel saving technologies and features

To further improve the fuel efficiency of the IVECO S-Way range, all models benefit from technologies that further cut emissions while helping to boost the operator’s bottom line. An engine anti-idling function automatically shuts off the engines after a predetermined period to avoid wasting fuel; the system can be disabled or adjusted to suit applications where the engine may need to idle to power auxiliary equipment.

The IVECO S-Way also features ‘ECO-SWITCH’, which allows the driver to transition between ‘ECO-FLEET’ and normal operation. ECO-FLEET essentially maintains the Hi-Tronix transmission in automatic mode, allowing the transmission to operate in the optimal gear and within a torque curb that returns the best fuel efficiency. If traffic or road conditions temporarily require the driver to manually override the auto mode, they can do so at the press of a button allowing them to drive in manual mode for 60 seconds. If ECO-FLEET is activated, the available engine power and torque is limited – the vehicle itself will cleverly estimate the payload via on-board systems depending on the load and will adjust accordingly.

Additional efficiencies are also achieved through ‘HI-CRUISE’, a GPS-predictive driving system that integrates cruise control and certain automated Hi-Tronix transmission functions, that interact to manage speed control, gear selection and Eco-roll (a feature that disengages the driveline to use vehicle inertia when facing a moderate slope, maintaining kinetic energy for longer) in the most fuel-efficient way.

The system evaluates continually and in real-time, considering the road profile in front of the vehicle using GPS, 3D maps and working conditions, taking into account GCW (Gross Combination Weight) and overall drag coefficient. According to these parameters and driver settings, the truck defines the optimal speed and gear (including neutral) in order to conserve fuel.

World-class safety

Along with its fuel saving benefits and low emission qualities, another key area in which S-Way excels, and will make it popular for adoption across large and small fleets alike, is its large range of standard safety equipment. All models feature Advanced Emergency Braking System, Brake Assistance System, Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Departure Warning System, Electronic Stability Program with ABS (disc brakes all round) and ASR (Anti-Slip Regulation), Hill Holder and Driver Style Evaluation plus Driver Attention Support (DSE + DAS).

DAS checks the driver’s level of attention by analysing steering wheel movements. If a state of drowsiness is detected, a message on the screen and an audible signal prompt the driver to stop for a rest. DSE analyses data and provides driving advice in real-time – this is displayed within the instrument cluster or can be accessed on smart phones using the ‘My IVECO – Easy Way’ app.

New high output full L.E.D headlamps are also standard across the range. The headlamps include integrated DRLs and turn indicator along with fog light and cornering functionality; they’re also automatic using a twilight sensor located on the windscreen. As well as providing a more powerful white light output that more closely resembles natural light and minimises eye fatigue, L.E.Ds have a much longer lifecycle.

The IVECO S-Way also introduces even stronger ECE-R29.3 Cab Strength Certification while also meeting ECE-R93 Front Underrun Protection requirements.

Selected models also include a retarder and tyre pressure monitoring system as standard – this equipment can also be specified as an extra cost option for those without. And for additional safety when coupling and decoupling trailers, all prime mover models are equipped with an extended catwalk.

Visually stunning, practical and efficient

The stunning, contemporary design of the IVECO S-Way cabin is immediately noticeable on the road, with IVECO designers creating a purposeful yet futuristic appearance highlighted by an aggressive grille that provides seamless integration with the front bumper assembly and headlamps.

But it’s not just about providing a strong road presence.

The bumper features integrated deflectors and corner fins, and along with a reshaped roof, new aerodynamic kit (added cost option), integrated foldable step, optimised mirror design and new door and wheel arch designs, an improved 13.5 per cent Cx (drag) has been achieved. This improvement in aerodynamic performance compared to earlier heavy duty IVECO models can result in fuel efficiency increases of up to 3 per cent on long haul routes.

A clever high efficiency A-pillar cover also reduces drag while minimising water stripes and droplets on driver and passenger windows when raining, improving visibility and safety. Side mirrors have also been repositioned to improve rear and side visibility.

Comfort and convenience

Already highly regarded in the transport industry for having some of the quietest, most comfortable and ergonomically designed interiors available, the IVECO S-Way takes this commitment to operator comfort to the next level.

Immediately noticeable upon entering the IVECO S-Way cabins is a low cabin floor which provides improved pass-through within the cab and easy access to the sleeper compartment for AT and AS models. The lower floor also delivers generous in-cabin standing height allowances of up to2150mm (for AS High Roof), and increases overhead storage capacity by 250l (plus 15 per cent), over earlier heavy-duty IVECO models. Overall, the IVECO S-Way cab volume is 0.7m³ larger than earlier Stralis models.

At the wheel of the IVECO S-Way, drivers are treated to a new multi-function steering wheel that provides all of the vehicle’s key functions at their fingertips. Model dependent, the steering wheels come in a choice of soft-touch or leather finish, and in a classic shape or with a distinctive flat base, while giving life to the new IVECO S-Way is a convenient start/stop button rather than traditional keys.

Seating comes courtesy of new ISRI driver and passenger suspension seats with additional adjustability to help find the perfect driving position – a lower seat and seat base height also provides extra space for the tallest drivers, while making it easier to enter and leave the cabin. Model dependent, seats are available in either a leather or fabric finish.

An ergonomically designed dashboard incorporates an integrated HVAC climate control system (parking cooler option available), with other control functions falling easily to the hand. For added convenience, visibility and lower current draw, interior cabin lighting is now also completely L.E.D.

The IVECO S-Way also introduces a 7” LCD high-definition Infotainment system with Apple CarPlay®, Bluetooth®connectivity and smart phone mirroring. Further features include in-built satellite navigation by Tom Tom, multiple USB inputs and charging ports, 12V power socket and voice recognition. The system is also reverse and side camera compatible and integrates with IVECO DRIVER PAL (powered by Amazon Alexa®), which is available as an option on selected models. This technology allows drivers to fully interact with their vehicles and operate all in-cabin controls through voice commands.

For fleet managers, additional analytics and vehicle performance can be tracked through ‘MYIVECO’ telematics. All vehicles are equipped with telematics hardware which becomes functional upon subscription to IVECO telematics services.

Along with the previously mentioned, spacious new overhead compartments, IVECO S-Way cabs present a myriad of storage solutions. The lower console can comfortably house thick A4 folders, while the new open glove compartments include space for bottles as large as 1.5l. A wide selection of refrigerators with capacities up to 100l are also available, some also include a freezer. Additionally, there are outer storage compartments with combined storage capacity of up to 380l.

AT and AS models are equipped with an ADR 42-compliant sleeper birth with upper bunk that can be used for additional storage or as a passenger bed. AS models feature an electric roof hatch as standard (optional only with high roof sleeper cab on AT). From the lower bunk, a conveniently located rotary switch controls light selection and diming, while a bedside module can also handle, heating, radio and door locks – these features can also be controlled via the MY IVECO Easy Way App. A further two USB points located on the upper pockets of each wall provide additional charging for devices.

Warranty and support

The IVECO S-Way is covered by a standard 3 Year / 750,000km warranty (whichever occurs first) for Cursor 11 and 13-powered models and 3 Years / 500,000km (whichever comes first) for Cursor 9 variants. Extended warranty options of up to 5 years / 1,000,000km (whichever occurs first) are also available at additional cost. For better balance sheet control, owners and fleet managers can also choose from one of IVECO’s three maintenance and repair contracts. In Australia the IVECO S-Way is covered by a network of over 60 dealerships including authorised service and parts outlets, ensuring strong support across the country.'
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