SafeGauge Collaborates with South Metropolitan TAFE

SafeGauge, an award-winning provider of smart diagnostic tools, has teamed up with South Metropolitan TAFE (SM TAFE) based in Thornlie, the largest provider of heavy-duty mechanical training in Western Australia.

As a company devoted to providing innovative solutions for removing technicians from the line of fire when undertaking live testing on heavy equipment, SafeGauge’s range of smart diagnostic tools including Pressure Transducers (PT), Dial Indicators (DI) and Tachometers (TM) along with its highly intuitive MultiTool, is now common across mining, construction, agriculture, and the oil and gas industries.

SafeGauge’s commitment to providing cutting-edge live testing solutions has now extended to training the next generation of equipment maintenance specialists.

“SM TAFE reached out to SafeGauge because they perceived the concept of remotely conducting maintenance tasks on heavy mobile plant machinery, eliminating the live work aspect, as a significant improvement on safe work practices within the industry.”

said Jeff Gittos, TAFE Portfolio Manager – Heavy Vehicle Mechanical Training.

By partnering with SM TAFE, SafeGauge can raise awareness of maintenance safety and eliminate the risks for maintenance personnel across the industry. SM TAFE is responsible for training the next generation of technicians at the pre-apprentice and Certificate III apprentice levels, who will enter the many sectors within heavy industries. The SafeGauge range of products raises the awareness of maintenance safety and holds distinct advantages in a training environment, as students can become familiar with the use of smart diagnostic tools and remove the student from any form of hazard while the equipment is operating.

The high level of digital awareness within today’s generations ensures students can quickly adapt to the digital nature of SafeGauge’s diagnostic tools.

TAFE contacted SafeGauge at the beginning of this year with a view to purchasing a range of the company’s products, and the company was quick to offer up donations to the training program to ensure the students would have access to the best equipment.

“This is a range of products that has been developed by a former maintenance technician who wanted to find a safer way of doing things and to fundamentally eliminate the risks for maintenance personnel across the industry. For those of us who train young people to conduct maintenance on heavy mobile plant machinery SafeGauge, to their credit, has provided a very useful tool.”

affirmed Jeff Gittos, TAFE Portfolio Manager – Heavy Vehicle Mechanical Training.'
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