Atlas Copco Takes Part at the Australian Manufacturing Week 2023

As a global provider of sustainable productivity solutions, Atlas Copco participated in the Australian Manufacturing Week held in Melbourne from May 9-12, 2023. We are grateful to the attendees who visited our stand and showed interest in our latest products and services.

Our innovative solutions are designed to help customers achieve their sustainability goals and reduce their carbon footprint. By providing energy-efficient air compressors, low-pressure blowers, and other compressed air products, we enable our customers to improve their operational efficiency while reducing their environmental impact. As we celebrate Atlas Copco Group’s 150 years, we are proud to continue our legacy of delivering world-class solutions that contribute to a sustainable future.

Featured products

During the event, we showcased our latest products and technologies. Our advanced technologies not only improve productivity and reliability but also help to reduce carbon emissions, making them ideal for businesses committed to sustainability.

GA VSDˢ screw compressor

On the stand, you could meet the GA VSDs, the most energy-efficient compressor on the market with energy savings up to 60% compared to fixed-speed models. The GA VSDs offer optimal performance, reliability and connectivity to support your sustainability and productivity goals.

NGM⁺ nitrogen generator

Our nitrogen generator, the NGM⁺, provides a continuous supply of dry, high-quality nitrogen with a stable purity. The generator is an excellent solution for on-site nitrogen generation.  

GA screw compressor

If you are looking for an industry-leading screw compressor that delivers outstanding performance, high productivity and low cost of ownership, our GA screw compressor can be the perfect fit for your operations. It offers optimal performance and flexibility while reducing energy costs.

GA VSD⁺ screw compressor

The GA VSD⁺ screw compressor is an excellent solution for reducing energy consumption by an average of 50% while ensuring uptimes even in harsh operating conditions.

SF oil-free compressor

Our SF compressor delivers pure oil-free air with supreme energy efficiency in a small package, resulting in a small footprint.

OSC oil-water separator

Our OSC series of oil-water separators provide an unmatched solution for condensate treatment. Its multi-stage process achieves superior filtration precision, meeting or exceeding local regulations for discharge into the environment. With zero-hassle maintenance requirements, these units offer a reliable and sustainable choice for compressor operators.

Featured services

Central control systems further optimize the efficiency of your compressed air system, actively managing machines and reducing energy consumption while optimizing maintenance needs. Ready for Industry 4.0, our central controllers are designed for smart factories.

Our AIRScan audit report is the perfect solution for those looking to improve the efficiency of their compressed air system and reduce energy costs. Our advanced software can simulate different setups of your compressed air system and provide accurate projections on potential energy savings, along with corresponding environmental and financial benefits. Additionally, with our data logging technology, we provide a detailed analysis of energy consumption, allowing you to identify areas where energy is being used and where savings can be made.

At our stand, we demonstrated how SMARTLINK technology can help you monitor your installation status in real time. SMARTLINK provides valuable data on performance, energy consumption, and maintenance needs, empowering you to make data-driven decisions, optimize efficiency, and extend the lifespan of your compressed air system.'
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