Ditch Witch Presents the Ditch Witch JT60 All-Terrain

The Ditch Witch JT60 All-Terrain is a directional drill that packs a punch, delivering high-powered performance for projects of any size. With a range of advanced features and capabilities, this machine is designed to help contractors achieve success in even the most challenging drilling conditions. Here’s a closer look at what makes the Ditch Witch JT60 All-Terrain stand out from the competition.

Powerful Performance

The Ditch Witch JT60 All-Terrain is built for power, with a range of features that deliver exceptional performance. It boasts a thrust and pullback force of 60,000lb, allowing it to handle the toughest drilling conditions with ease. Additionally, the JT60 All-Terrain features a top-notch drilling fluid system that provides optimal pressure, flow rate, and filtration for improved drilling performance. With its powerful capabilities, the JT60 All-Terrain is the perfect solution for large-scale directional drilling projects.

Efficient Design

Despite its high-powered performance, the Ditch Witch JT60 All-Terrain is designed to be efficient and easy to operate. It features an intuitive control system that allows operators to adjust drilling speed, feed pressure, and other key parameters quickly and easily. Additionally, the JT60 All-Terrain is equipped with a highly efficient mud pump that can deliver up to 560 litres of fluid per minute, ensuring that drilling can proceed smoothly and efficiently.

Advanced Technology

The Ditch Witch JT60 All-Terrain is packed with advanced technology that helps to streamline the directional drilling process. It features a powerful onboard computer system that provides real-time feedback on drilling parameters, allowing operators to adjust on the fly. The machine is also equipped with a range of safety features, including an automatic shut-off system that engages if the drill becomes overloaded or if a safety hazard is detected.

The Ditch Witch JT60 All-Terrain is a high-powered directional drill that is designed to handle even the toughest drilling conditions. With its powerful performance, efficient design, and advanced technology, this machine is a top choice for contractors who demand the best directional drilling equipment. If you’re in need of a reliable and efficient directional drill, look no further than the Ditch Witch JT60 All-Terrain. Contact Ditch Witch CEA today to learn more about this innovative machine and how it can help you achieve success in your next project.

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