The Infrastructure Sustainability Council and AECOM Collaborate for a Sustainable Brisbane 2032

Sports have the power to unite; so too does sustainability. The Brisbane Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2032 is a powerful catalyst for cumulative change – before, during and long after the event itself. Now is the time to come together for a positive infrastructure legacy that serves people, the environment and the economy. 

The infrastructure sector wants to set the direction toward legacy, we are looking to provide answers. Much like the king in the parable of ‘The Three Questions’, by acclaimed author Leo Tolstoy, we are asking the question; when is the best time? who are the best people? what is the most important thing to do? 

The Infrastructure Sustainability Council is proud to have partnered with AECOM, and engaged with our members to develop this thought-leadership report, exploring the concepts of climate positive, resilience and nature-based solutions. This is the starting block for a collaborative process with the infrastructure sector to deliver a sustainable legacy through Brisbane 2032. As the fastest-growing region for infrastructure in Australia, Queensland will benefit from the findings and develop well into the future, sharing well beyond the area. 

This report highlights a number of opportunities from the outset, through strategy, by collaborating, innovating and continually learning. 

As we set our ambition and go through the finish line, the answers to our questions are much like Tolstoy’s hermit suggested to the king wishing to leave a legacy: The most important time is now. The most important people are those you are with. The most important thing is helping those around you – and with the addition of our findings – helping for today and for tomorrow. 

This is a race that must be won by delivering more resilient, inclusive, climate-positive infrastructure enabling people and our sector to thrive.'
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