The Electric-Powered Tomorrow has Become Today: Sany SY19E Are Now Available in Australia

The SY19E is Sany’s new and advanced electric-powered machine being introduced to Australia for all demand and construction requirements, making it the latest addition to the environmentally sustainable series.

The electric-powered tomorrow has become today, with the rise and introduction of eco-friendly machinery across the construction precinct. With the world slowly facing an unstoppable climate crisis, construction machinery manufacturers, including SANY have established solutions to adopt and further benefit a greener future.
In the last couple of years, the move for a sustainable future has scaled to new heights, with the desire to help the environment continuously grow each day. For that reason, SANY has been standing by its commitment to improving the environment, with exciting news with a new and advanced eco-friendly excavator coming to Australia.

The determination to provide an environmentally friendly and sustainable product helped drive both the design and production of the SANY SY19E, which will officially be the newest edition of SANY electric-powered mini excavators. The combination of electric energy and the mini compact size will make this excavator your new construction partner on all projects.

Nitin Khanna, General Manager of SANY Australia, expresses “The SANY SY19E is a machine that represents the future of sustainable construction equipment. It’s efficient engine and compact design make it a suitable option for construction projects of all shapes and sizes.”
In fact, the electric-powered SY19E is designed with an innovative battery pack, that can be easily charged for usage. The single battery charge is enough to last you all day with more than 6 hours of continuous usage available, with additional options for a rapid recharge if required. The battery pack is charged using a standard 220 V household socket, a 380 V three-phase current, or a rapid charging station for passenger vehicles. With new and advanced technology, this excavator has also been fitted with a high-resolution 7” touchscreen display.
Compared with previous SANY mini excavators, the SY19E’s highly effective battery consumes around 30 percent less energy than the SY16C and reduces maintenance costs by over 80 percent.

This excavator can be used for an array of construction applications, significantly night-time construction, thanks to the zero noise pollution and exhaust fumes it emits. You can rest easy knowing this machine can work effortlessly through the day and night for all your requirements. It can also be used in sensitive environments because of the no-fuel system, which guarantees no leaks. The compatibility of this machine has been designed to enable the usage of indoor and outdoor construction, with a transport length of 3624mm and 1350mm in width.
“This new excavator delivers the next level of perform, and we are counting down the days until we can get shipments to our valuable customers in Australia,” said Nitin.

Andy Hopcroft, General Manager of YELLO Equipment, was the first to confirm the new edition to their YELLO Equipment range, expressing “YELLO Equipment eagerly welcome this addition to the fleet and look forward to the successes that lie ahead with this piece of machinery. The enhanced capabilities that this machine will bring to the fleet is phenomenal, and we can’t wait to get our hands on it.”'
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