Australian Franna Launches Its FR17 C for Africa, UAE & Latin America Markets

Franna, an Australian-based manufacturer of pick and carry cranes and a subsidiary of Terex Corporation, launched the FR17 C model to Africa, UAE, and Latin America markets. A cost-effective, compact pick and carry crane with a short turning radius of 6.77 metres, the FR17 C is an ideal entry-level crane for construction, mining, and logistics as well as city, yard and industrial applications where space is limited.

Pick and Carry Cranes – Quick to Set Up & Ideal for Small Spaces

The Franna name has become synonymous with the pick and carry concept in Australia to the extent that pick and carry cranes are generally known as ‘Frannas’ across the country. Franna pick and carry cranes can replace the work usually completed by smaller truck cranes, since they have no stabiliser legs or outriggers meaning set-up time is much quicker. They are designed to lift the load and carry it to its destination within a small radius. Coupled with a dedicated product support team, 24/7 support and a complementary range of digital tools including the Terex Lift Plan app, Franna pick and carry cranes have the support to keep moving—safely and efficiently.

Franna FR17 C – a Safe, Compact, Easy to Operate Crane

The FR17 C is the ideal crane for Franna to expand internationally as the combination of safety, comfort, and smooth steering flexibility makes it a versatile, dependable crane that will stand out in the market. The model has been engineered to provide maximum productivity with advanced safety measures, latest technology, and robust structural design.

Offering an impressive lifting capacity of 17 tonnes, the FR17 C boasts a compact design that enhances manoeuvrability in confined spaces. It features an intuitive control system that enables precise and smooth operation, ensuring that operators can handle complex lifting tasks with ease. The crane’s advanced safety features include overload protection, anti-tipping technology, and a comprehensive safety monitoring system, providing operators with peace of mind, and enhancing overall job site safety. Driver fatigue is reduced since there is no clutch pedal to operate, and this along with the full-width, two-person cabin provides excellent visibility and driving comfort.

One of the key highlights of the FR17 C is its Cummins engine, renowned for its reliability and widespread availability of spare parts, ensuring easy maintenance and servicing across any region and contributing to minimal downtime, increased productivity and reduced operational costs.

“For over 40 years, Franna has been a name to reckon in Australia for the design and manufacturing of quality pick and carry cranes. Bringing our concept to Africa, UAE, and Latin America markets with the FR17 C is an exciting time for us. With its advanced safety features and the reliability of the Cummins engine, this crane will improve lifting operations across various industries, including construction, mining, and logistics as well as city, yard and industrial applications where space is limited. Its versatility also lends itself well to road and metro projects and for local hire. We are confident that the FR17 C will empower customers to achieve their goals—efficiently and safely.”

said Danny Black, General Manager of Franna.

Franna is committed to providing exceptional customer support and service. With a robust distribution network and service centres across Africa, UAE, and Latin America markets, customers can expect prompt assistance and access to genuine spare parts. Franna’s team of highly trained technicians will ensure that the FR17 C operates at its peak performance, optimizing productivity and reliability throughout its lifespan.'
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