Pakka Jacks Upgrades Fleet Capacity

Pakka Jacks, experts in on-site hydraulic excavator and shovel lifts, has supercharged its service by nearly doubling its jacks and accessories. The newly upgraded fleet now includes three sets of 300-tonne jacks, two sets of 500-tonne jacks, and one set of 200-tonne jacks which are strategically placed in high-demand areas of Queensland, New South Wales and WA.

Reducing Downtime

Downtime is the bane of productivity in mining operations. Pakka Jacks’ strategic jack placement directly addresses this issue. Having jacks ready and waiting in NSW, QLD, and WA means less time wasted on freight and mobilisation.

Its boosted fleet also includes additional auxiliary gear such as slew bearing and track frame slides to support the increased units, meaning they can service excavators and shovels of all sizes, for any work-scope. For customers, this translates to savings in both time and costs.

Safety at the Core

Pakka Jacks’ commitment to providing a safer service is built into the foundations of the company, having developed its own, patented self-packing technology. This innovative approach ensures that the jacks are constantly locked in throughout the lift, meaning they’re considered a certified stand, rather than a suspended load. This distinction crucially allows a range of work to take place on the machine once elevated and removes the chance of a hydraulic failure or drop.

Applications in Action

Pakka Jacks’ newly upgraded jack fleet is not just for show. These high-tech, self-packing jacks are put to work in practical scenarios:

  • Excavator Lifts: They are specially developed for lifting hydraulic excavators and shovels ensuring safe and efficient shutdowns.
  • Slew Bearing Changes: Pakka Jacks are employed in performing slew bearing changes, with a tailor-made slew bearing slide enabling a smooth and low-risk operation.
  • Track Frame Replacements: With Pakka Jacks’s track frame slides, replacement of track frames can be executed with ease – eliminating risk from suspended loads.
  • Undercarriage Rollouts: Using a mobilisation console, the Pakka Jacks team can fully remove the undercarriage leaving the car-body suspended for further works.

Excavator shutdowns are an unavoidable impact to productivity, so a quick turnaround is a must. Pakka Jacks can do in one week what traditional methods take two to four weeks to achieve.

A highly skilled workforce with a focus on safety and their patented self-packing technology ensures that operations are carried out with the utmost care.'
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