Federal and NSW State Government To Provide Funding for Energy Upgrades on Social Housing and Low Income Rentals

The Federal and NSW state government have announced a new $200 million package to help support energy saving upgrades for social housing and low income rentals in the hottest and coldest parts of New South Wales. Around 30,000 household will be eligible to receive support to upgrade heat pumps, fans, air conditioning and solar systems.

“Today’s announcement from the Albanese and Minns governments is the kind of practical climate action that makes a difference for Australians. By helping people in NSW who are doing it tough to upgrade their appliances and access cheap renewable energy, this investment will cut power bills and carbon pollution – a fantastic two-for-one deal. Making our homes more energy efficient and powering them with cheap renewable electricity is an important part of building a clean energy system that works for people, not multinational fossil fuel corporations. Millions of households around Australia are already seeing the benefits so it’s essential renters, people on tight incomes and those who live in apartments can share these too.”

said Dr Jennifer Rayner Head of Advocacy at the Climate Council.

“The policy choices we make on housing and energy efficiency now will decide how many people die in the deadly heatwaves of our future. This funding is a good step towards helping low-income families manage their health as summers get hotter. Too many people in Western Sydney tell us that they can’t afford to keep cool, so it’s essential that we deliver solar access and energy efficiency measures that will keep bills down.”

said Emma Bacon, Sweltering Cities Executive Director.

“Solar Citizens welcomes the announcement today of a $206 million investment in social housing energy upgrades by the Federal and NSW governments which is a positive step towards reducing the bills for the state’s social housing tenants. Solar Citizens has been alongside the community sector in calling for this and we’d like to see the initial investment expanded to include a plan and timeline to deliver rooftop solar for all suitable social housing properties. Electrification and rooftop solar are effective ways to slash energy bills and address the ongoing cost-of-living crisis. Rolling out rooftop solar on social housing can save low-income households an average of $860 per year, while also contributing cheap, clean energy back to the grid and providing cheaper electricity for everyone. Adding batteries with storage orchestration offers additional grid security benefits for the energy grid, bringing bills down further.”

said Heidi Lee Douglas, Solar Citizens CEO.

Case Study

Mary from North West Sydney 

Mary lives in community housing, she says that during summer “it feels like you can’t do anything” and the heat and humidity significantly affect her health. She currently has 3-4 fans set up, and a portable air conditioner but it’s very inefficient.

She’s glad about the announcement and hopes she’s one of the people that gets some benefit. She hopes that lots of the funding goes to Western Sydney where it’s needed because of the high temperatures. She’s very conscious that the high cost of living is putting a lot of pressure on her and many others.

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