[Job Story] FPT Industrial Engines at the Heart of the World’s Longest Tunnel Construction

FPT Industrial is actively involved in the construction of the Fehmarnbelt tunnel between Denmark and Germany, the world’s longest immersed tunnel with a length of 11 miles, which will be the fastest route between Scandinavia and Central Europe. CGM has chosen FPT Industrial engines to power its gensets that are currently operating at the worksite.

Through its distributor Bimotor, FPT Industrial, the Iveco Group brand dedicated to the design, production, and sale of low-environmental impact powertrains, provided its F36 Stage V engines for power generation to CGM, a leading producer of gensets.

Due for completion by 2029 and co-financed by the European Commission, the Fehmarnbelt tunnel is composed of 79 standard and 10 special elements. Each standard element is 217 m long, weighs 73,500 tonnes, and contains two tubes for motorway, two for railway, and a service passage. When an element is ready for shipment, it gets waterproof bulkheads fitted at both ends and is towed into place using tugs. The elements are then lowered into the 12 m-deep tunnel trench dredged on the seabed and are carefully coupled together. This high-precision work requires a large amount of always-ready, reliable energy, and that’s where the CGM gensets powered by FPT Industrial engines come in.

The F36 engine for CGM’s gensets meets Stage V / Tier 4F emissions requirements and features high performance (up to 100 kVA PRP at 50 Hz) and high efficiency. The engine comes in an integrated solution, with cooling pack (specifically developed for harsh conditions) and air cleaner pre-installed on the engine, and with a preassembled and pre-validated ATS, offering fast, simple installation. Best-in-class service interval (600 h), one-side serviceability, hydraulic tappets, and lifetime ATS allow for minimum maintenance costs and maximum uptime.

“The Fehmarnbelt tunnel will enable traffic to use the shortest and fastest route, thus reducing CO2 emissions and freeing up capacity on roads and railways. We at FPT Industrial are happy and proud to have been chosen to participate in this huge project that will benefit the whole European transport network, and which is perfectly in keeping with our commitment towards sustainability.”

says Guglielmo Tummarello, Head of EMEA dealer sales.

About the Fehmarnbelt tunnel

The Fehmarnbelt tunnel is Denmark’s largest infrastructure project and the world’s longest immersed tunnel. Once complete, it will cut travel time between Denmark and Germany and will be part of Europe’s sustainable transport network of the future.

Image: courtesy of Femern A/S

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A tunnel portal is built in both Denmark near Rødbyhavn and in Germany near Puttgarden. The portals connect the tunnel’s railway and motorway with the upgraded and newly built roads and railways in the hinterland.

Work on the construction pit for the tunnel portal on the Danish side started in 2020 and on the German side the following year. The tunnel is set to be completed in 2029.

Image: courtesy of Femern A/S

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