The Cifa Magnum Mixer Pump Truck Turns 50

CIFA celebrates the 50th anniversary of its first concrete mixer pump truck, known as Magnum, introduced in 1974. It became famous for its ability to encompass the work of two machines in one, the right solution for small construction sites with limited space.

Encapsulating the functionalities of both the concrete mixer and the pump, CIFA’s mixer pump now represents a shining example of Italian-made innovation.

1974 | The inaugural model of the mixer pump was the CIFA 301B, unveiled at the Samoter exhibition in Verona. The project focused on the needs of the Italian construction market, characterized by construction sites often located in historic city centers, posing accessibility challenges. For the first time, a manufacturer integrated the concrete transport capacity with the ability to distribute it on-site, combining the concrete mixer with the pump. Initially equipped with a 4-cubic-meter drum, a single rear stabilizing cylinder, a 17-meter two-section rear-mounted distributor boom, and a transversal pumping unit complete with a collection hopper, mixer, and a single double-acting thrust cylinder. Later, the machine was also equipped with a front-mounted boom with dual front stabilizing cylinders.

1983 | The 301B passed the torch to Pompuno, a machine with a two- or three-section front-mounted boom, equipped with a transversal pumping unit featuring the emerging “S” valve—a valve already establishing itself as a standard in truck-mounted pumps.

1987 | CIFA introduced a longitudinal pumping unit, similar to those successfully mounted on truck-mounted pumps for the first time. It was the “S” valve unit with 1,000-stroke cylinders that increased the hourly concrete production to 65 cubic meters/hour, with a pressure of 57 bars, allowing for high-performance tasks previously requiring a truck-mounted pump. With the new 24-meter three-section boom, hydraulic telescopic stabilizers, and the new 7-cubic-meter drum, the new mixer pump was named Magnum. The Magnum could be operated either by the vehicle’s power take-off or by an auxiliary engine.

1993 | After the approval of 4-axle vehicles as operational vehicles, CIFA presented the new 28-meter four-section boom, named Metro (as meter) by analogy with the measuring tool, opening in the same way. With the new boom and the 9-cubic-meter drum, the Magnum Metro was practically unbeatable for medium and small jobs. In the following years, the booms underwent updates and modifications. The latest of these modifications resulted in the longest boom currently mounted by CIFA on a mixer-pump – 32-meter boom.

2010 | With the introduction of carbon in the booms of truck-mounted pumps, the first Magnum Carbotech MK25H was also produced, featuring a 25-meter boom with four sections, two of which were in carbon fiber for unparalleled lightweight.

2019 | The year of the first electric mixer pump, MK28E from the Energya line, operating in electric mode under all working conditions. The conventional hydraulic system was replaced by a highly efficient electric transmission, allowing the rotation of the drum, movement of the boom, stabilization, and operation of the pumping unit with the diesel engine turned off. With no exhaust emissions and reduced noise during the loading and unloading phases, MK28E became the ideal solution for construction sites in historic city centers, where high environmental respect is a priority.

Magnum Today

The machine is complex in structure but easy to use due to its electronic systems, making it smart and intuitive. The pinnacle of CIFA’s offerings is represented by the Carbotech series, featuring two models with carbon fiber booms. The models are available with booms ranging from 24 to 32 meters and drums of 7 or 9 cubic meters. Moreover, the design ensures maximum loading capacity and balance to maintain high performance and maximum safety.

“This machine, born from Italian ingenuity, has marked an important chapter in CIFA’s history, becoming a symbol of innovation and flexibility in the industry. The Magnum’s story is a journey into innovation. From the introduction of the front-mounted boom to the latest versions with carbon fiber booms and the electric model, the Magnum has consistently evolved to keep pace with the needs of our clients on the construction site. Tomorrow, we will continue to push the boundaries of innovation for an increasingly sustainable construction site. Thanks to all who have contributed to making this extraordinary success story possible, to both the CIFA of yesterday and today.”

said Davide Cipolla, CEO of CIFA.'
Emanuele Giovannini
Digital marketing specialist, Heavy Equipment journalist.