JCB Unveils New Diggers, Dumpers and Rollers

JCB has expanded its product range with the launch of the new 25Z-1 and 26C-1 mini excavators, the 3TE site dumper and two new vibratory rollers: the CT380-130 and the CT430-140.

25Z-1 and 26C-1 Mini Excavators

The all-new generation Stage V 25Z-1 JCB mini excavator with zero tailswing configuration was designed with durability, reliability and towability in mind.

Image: courtesy of JCB

The JCB 26C-1 features the power, lift and stability to move materials quickly and efficiently with the all-new Generation Stage V Conventional tail swing JCB 26C-1.

Image: courtesy of JCB

Both the new 2.5-ton excavators use a new stage V Kohler 18.4 kW engine, which reduces fuel consumption by 5%. The machines are built to maximize excavating and lifting duties while reducing noise, vibration and fuel usage. The excavators allow operators to work in confined spaces and are fully optimized for safe towing in 3,500kg restricted regions.

The 25Z-1 and the 26C-1 come with key safety features as standard:

  • The ‘Follow me Home’ LED lighting: lights that remain on for 3 minutes after the machine is switched off so the operator can exit safely.
  • 2GO System: a system designed to protect accidental operation in two simple steps.
Image: courtesy of JCB

Built into these mini excavators is a series of features designed to keep running costs as low as possible:

  • Best-in-class 500-hour greasing intervals thanks to graphite-impregnated bronze brushes, saving time and money.
  • Auto stop and auto idle functions come as standard for increased fuel efficiency. This reduces fuel consumption and emissions by switching off the engine between 2 and 30 seconds after controls fall inactive. Plus, load-sensing hydraulics only consume power on demand to conserve fuel for when you need it most.
  • Flat glass windows are used to minimize replacement costs in the event of damage.
Image: courtesy of JCB

3TE Site Dumper

The 3TE is part of JCB’s E-TECH range – a series of 100% electric machines. Like many of the machines in the range, the 3TE electric dumper is powered by lithium-ion batteries.

Image: courtesy of JCB

Delivering an equal hydraulic performance to the diesel 3T-2, the 3TE Site Dumper has a battery with enough capacity to last a typical working day, giving operators the freedom to work anywhere, at any time.

  • Fast charge-ready for occasions where charge times are reduced or limited.
  • Lithium-ion battery offers a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • IP67-rated motors for waterproofing.
  • Steel bodywork provides better resistance to damage and lowers repair costs.
Image: courtesy of JCB

The 3TE electric site dumper includes many features to keep workers safe. Some of these are:

  • Initial movement alarm to alert pedestrians and operators nearby that the machine is about to move.
  • Drive inhibit system with a two-stage process to keep operators safe while they work.
  • Orange Hi-Viz seatbelt for clearer visibility.
  • Fixed, non-removable batteries for increased security.

CT380-130 and CT430-140 Tandem Rollers

With an operating weight of below 5 tons and an impressively small turning radius, the CT380-130 and the CT430-140 are a brand-new addition to JCB’s lineup of VIBROMAX rollers.

Image: courtesy of JCB

The new JCB rollers are ideal for construction sites with limited space:

  • At 2665mm, these compact rollers boast one of the smallest turning radiuses on the market.
  • Drum width of 1,300mm, plus chamfered edges for a smooth finish.
  • Made up of weight-optimised structures: the front chassis, rear chassis, and operator stand are all built with reduced plate thickness.
Image: courtesy of JCB

Designed to deliver peak performance with minimal wear and tear, the CT380-130 and the CT430-140 operate seamlessly to help achieve maximum productivity on-site.

  • 36kW JCB Diesel by Kohler engine is compliant with EU Stage V standards without compromising on performance.
  • Excellent operator visibility with the rear drum lying flush with the chassis.
  • Improved sprinkler efficiency: this JCB roller features a pressurized water sprinkler with upward-facing nozzles for excellent water supply to the drum.
  • Fixed drum scrapers make these rollers less vulnerable to damage.
  • Reliable electrical system, protected against dust and water with IP67/69 electrics.
  • Off-set is manually adjustable, helping operators to avoid curbs and ironwork.
Image: courtesy of JCB

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