Manitowoc Launches Potain MCR 625 Luffing Jib Crane for Fast-Growing Markets

Manitowoc has launched the Potain MCR 625 luffing jib tower crane. This heavy-duty crane is tailored to the unique demands of fast-expanding key markets across Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America. It is a new design built at the Manitowoc factory in Zhangjiagang, China, but includes many features from the renowned MR 618, a popular crane in fleets across Europe and North America.

Image: courtesy of Manitowoc

The Potain MCR 625 combines the robustness of a heavy-duty luffing jib crane with a remarkably compact footprint to deliver exceptional performance in urban environments. This enables contractors to take on grand projects in densely populated areas with unprecedented efficiency and precision.

“We are excited to introduce the Potain MCR 625, a crane that offers the perfect balance in power, precision, and compactness. By leveraging the proven design of the MR 618 and adding design elements for fast-emerging global markets, we are empowering contractors to tackle ambitious projects in urban environments with unprecedented efficiency and reliability.”

said Leong Kwong-Joon, regional product manager for Potain tower cranes.

Image: courtesy of Manitowoc

One key feature of the Potain MCR 625 is its moveable counterweights, which optimize load distribution throughout the structure. This allowed Manitowoc’s engineers to design a highly compact crane, yet one that still offers strong lifting capabilities along the load chart and taller height under hook options. The movable counterweights also ensure the crane remains well-balanced, allowing it to be erected on relatively slim 2.45 m mast sections for better on-site logistics and to facilitate installation on jobsites with limited space.

Additionally, the MCR 625 can work with one or two-fall reeving for faster hoist speeds and better productivity. There’s a maximum capacity of 32 t when configured for two-fall operation, while with one-fall it’s 17.5 t. The maximum jib length is 65 m, and a maximum tip load of 6.4 t at 65 m is available, enabling the crane to meet even the most demanding of high-rise project requirements.

Image: courtesy of Manitowoc

Mounted on 2.45 by 2.45 m mast sections, the Potain MCR 625 can be configured with multiple jib lengths – either 30 or 40 m, and then in 5 m intervals up to the maximum of 65 m, providing contractors with the versatility to adapt set-up to project specifications. Even with its full 65 m jib, the crane travels in just 11 truckloads, minimizing transportation costs and logistical challenges.

The MCR 625 offers a choice of three hoists for further flexibility, all equipped with 603 m of wire rope. The crane will be sold across Asia, Australia and New Zealand, Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America.

Image: courtesy of Manitowoc

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