Kubota Upgrades Its Compact Track Loader With the SVL75-3

Kubota Australia has launched the SVL75-3 compact track loader, replacing the SVL75-2 with a range of new features to improve performance and comfort. Constructed with enhanced technology, the loader has a new hydraulic system and an advanced multi-function operation that delivers a 15% increase in productivity.

The upgraded SLV75-3 is powered by a Kubota New Tier 4 Final Stage V engine with a 9% higher torque.

The new fully sealed one-piece pressurized cabin prevents dirt, dust, water and debris from entering your workspace and allows a clean environment for the operator. The latest model also delivers reduced noise alongside an updated cabin tilt-up design.

Honing comfortability, the cab offers ergonomically designed controls and a front sliding window to easily enter and exit the cabin. The improved vent layout features six vents placed through the cabin for optimized heating or cooling all year round.

The new hydraulic system features an Advanced Multifunction Valve that guarantees smooth movement of hydraulic functions.

The SLV75-3 allows operators to manage the AUX hydraulics, bucket and loader arm at once without fear of stalling, along with the easy use and comfort of hydraulic pilot controls.

“The groundbreaking Electronic Travel Torque Management System is a time saver, allowing more power to quicken the pace of work.”

said Kubota Australia Product Manager Nathan Thomas.

Users will also benefit from the updated engine and radiator layout, providing easy access to serviceable components and a new lift arm design delivering better rear-view vision from the inside. Easing the load, the radiator is located conveniently on top of the engine compartment simplifying cleaning and routine maintenance.

The touch panel comes with a keyless passcode start, integrated reverse camera, radio compatible with Bluetooth and a USB port to charge your phone, making the cabin fit for a day’s work.

Reducing travel time is a great function of the SVL75-3. An auto-shift system allows you to power through corners with an automatic downshift when turning. You can also now toggle between three track responses of mild, normal or quick for a comfortable ride on any terrain.

The SVL75-3 boasts an upgraded Kubota engine with a 9% increase in torque to power through any job. Topping out at a dependable 74.3 HP, the new engine allows operators to get the job done more efficiently and quicker with an increased travel speed of 13.7 kilometers.

A new fan management system reduces power requirements in cooling, allowing the engine to operate at maximum capacity during even the most power-hungry loads. A variable fan adjusts its speed to maintain appropriate water and oil temperature.

The new arm length accommodates a tall hinge pin height of 3,117 millimeters, up from 3,025 millimetres, making it simple to load into any container or truck. While a self-levelling function keeps the bucket or fork horizontal without the need for manual adjustments.

The SVL75-3 Compact Track Loader can carry more in less time with an increased rated operating capacity of 1,129 kilograms from the SVL75-2’s maximum of 1,043 kilograms.

The new loader also has the option of a variety of attachments to tackle the most unique jobs.

“This feature heavy loader will improve your efficiency, simultaneously maximizing comfort and productivity and reducing the operators load.”

said Mr Thomas.

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